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Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine

Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine consisting of various original reseaches, case reports, letters, brief reports and reviews is published by the Council of Forensic Medicine as 3 issues per year. Membership or ordering particular issues are possible after filling in and sending the form.

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J For Med: 31 (3)
Volume: 31  Issue: 3 - 2017
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1.An LC-MS/MS method for determination of synthetic cannabinoids in human blood using bidirectional solid-phase extraction
Oya Yeter
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.30932  Pages 101 - 114

2.Examination of influencıng factors and the perceived emotıonal abuse of married women who referred to clinic of gynecology and obstetrics
Betül Aktaş, Türkan Pasinlioğlu, Nihan Demirdüzen
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.08379  Pages 115 - 123

3.Implementations for assessing criminal responsibility in psychiatric disorders related to alcohol use
Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu, Fatih Öncü, İbrahim Balcıoğlu, İbrahim Balcıoğlu
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.68815  Pages 124 - 142

4.Taking gamete from a third party in assisted reproduction treatment, approaches and legal issues
Hülya Deniz Yıldırım
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.68736  Pages 143 - 154

5.Elderly suicide: Three cases report
Erdem Hösükler, Zerrin Zehra Erkol, Veyis Gündoğdu, Semih Petekkaya, Hakan Samurcu, Bilgin Hösükler
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.48039  Pages 155 - 163

6.A case report of suicidal cut-throat
Ertuğrul Gök, Recep Fedakar, Naile Esra Saka
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.32559  Pages 164 - 168

7.Death after multiple suicide attempt: Two case reports
Kenan Kaya, Eren Akgündüz, Fatma Topataş Kıyıksan, Ahmet Hilal, Necmi Çekin
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2017.12754  Pages 169 - 173

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