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Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine

Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine consisting of various original reseaches, case reports, letters, brief reports and reviews is published by the Council of Forensic Medicine as 3 issues per year. Membership or ordering particular issues are possible after filling in and sending the form.

Orders are also possible by phone number: +90 (212) 454 15 54

J For Med: 32 (2)
Volume: 32  Issue: 2 - 2018
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1.Last five years of bloodstain pattern analysis in the Council of Forensic Medicine of Turkey
Murat Nihat Arslan
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.70783  Pages 42 - 45

2.In the light of the preface of the books on Forensic Medicine, the historical process of Forensic Medicine
Nursel Bilgin
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.46794  Pages 46 - 83

3.“Compulsory hospitalization” in psychiatry
Selin Demirdoğan, Mustafa Solmaz
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.16362  Pages 84 - 90

4.Death Related To Huge Mesenteric Atypic Lipomatous Tumor/ Well Differentiated Liposarcoma: Case Report
Taner Daş, Aytul Bugra, Elif Ömeroğlu Kara
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.06978  Pages 91 - 94

5.Epilepsy and Assessment of Criminal Responsibility: A Case Report
Semih Petekkaya, Zehra Zerrin Erkol, Erdem Hösükler, Veyis Gündoğdu, Hakan Samurcu
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.24008  Pages 95 - 100

6.Discrepancies and related factors in the expert testimonies on criminal responsibility through a case committed repetitive crimes
Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu, Mustafa Solmaz
doi: 10.5505/adlitip.2018.27136  Pages 101 - 105

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