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Latest Update in the texts is the Constitutional Amendment of February 9, 2008 date and 5735 law no.

Article Submission

Since July 2010¸ all authors are obliged to send articles using the online article submission-tracking system.

Online Article Submission

Articles should be either in Microsoft Word format (*doc) or in rich text format (*rtf). At first¸ corresponding authors should register their contact information to the online article system in order to have a user name and a password. After having a user name and a password we strongly advice to read the guidelines for authors carefully in order to be able to submit all needed data accurately. Authors should send the tables and figures to the same adres. Besides¸ ‘Copyright Transfer Agreement Form’ and ‘Control Form’ appropriate to the type of the article should also be added to the checklist. Thus¸ unnecessary delays can be prevented.

Editorial Policy

All articles are evaluated by the scientific committee on parameters for originality and content. Authors are responsible for the attestation of all information that they supply. Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine reserves the right to redact the text of the article when needed. Articles can be send to the corresponding author for revision. When the article is published¸ it becomes the property of Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine. Articles published before in any language are not evaluated for publication. Besides¸ the article sent to another journal for publication can’t be sent to Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine. Permission is taken from the authors and the publisher for any change performed on the article. The final published article can be downloaded from the website.

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